A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Dance Wear

If you’ve recently joined a dance class, you’ll have seen other class members in dance wear. It can be extremely intimidating when buying dancewear for the first time, especially for certain styles of dance such as ballet, but you should take comfort in the fact that every dancer has felt the same way at some point. Here at Dancing Daisy, we have a wealth of experience helping people to choose the most appropriate dance wear for their classes whilst ensuring your complete comfort and confidence.


Here are our top tips for helping you to look the part and continue your dancing lessons in style…


Ballet shoes


Finding the right dance shoes

You’ll need to find the right dancing shoe for your style of dance; it’s usually very easy and can be done online. Here at Dancing Daisy, we have a wide range of dance shoes online made to the highest quality by the best manufacturers.


When you’re trying on dance shoes, it’s important to wear the type of socks or tights you’ll be wearing at your lessons to make sure you get shoes that fit perfectly. Your feet are incredibly important when taking dancing lessons, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about buying the very best you can afford.


Choosing a leotard

Depending on the type of dance you’re learning, you’ll need a particular style of dance wear. Despite this, leotards are incredibly popular and part of every dance school’s uniform. Before you buy a leotard, it’s best to check with your dance instructor if you should get a particular scheme in alignment with the dance school. Obviously, if there isn’t a particular colour you need, you can just buy a leotard in your favourite colour.


Here at Dancing Daisy, we have a wide range of child’s and adult’s leotards in a wide range of different styles and colours to choose from, so whatever look you’re after for your dance classes, you can find it here.


Black leotards dance wear


Jazz pants, dance tights or dance skirts?

Depending on the dance class you’re taking, you’ll also need additionally items to go with your leotard such as dance tights or jazz pants. Pink dance tights are the most popular choice in ballet classes, and are thick with a seam going up the back of the legs. Tap, jazz and modern dance classes often ask for you to wear jazz pants or leggings over the top of your leotard.


Additionally, you may want to wear an over-the-leotard skirt or pair of shorts. These are often worn in black or the colour matching your leotard. If you’re taking ballet classes, a sheer, short wrap-around skirt is most appropriate.


Choosing T-shirts and cardigans

Dance wear such as leotards really help you to feel like a dancer and will help you to improve your posture, but it can be quite intimidating to wear one for the first time. When you go to your dance lessons, in particular ballet lessons, you’ll see that many people will choose t wear a t-shirt or ballet cardigan over the top as they warm up.


Ballet cardigans can be bought in a variety of colours, and wrap around your torso, being tied at the back. Generally you can achieve a highly polished and graceful look for your ballet class by matching the colour of your cardigan with your leotard or choosing classic black.


Other dance wear accessories

There are a range of other dancewear accessories that you may see people in during your dance classes. People choose leg warmers not only to add a splash of fun and colour. Leg warmers are available in a large range of different sizes and colours, so you’ll find it incredibly easy to find a pair you’ll love.


Other accessories you’ll want to get for your dance classes include a bag for keeping your dance wear safe and carrying it to and from practice, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated.


Jazz dance wear

Jazzart performing at Artscape Saturday Night. Photo Nasief Manie / Foto24


Keeping warm

Keeping warm is important both on the way to, and especially after, your dance classes. Remember that after your dance class, your muscles will have been working hard and will be susceptible to injury, so it’s important to have some extra layers to wear when you leave.


Depending on your own personal taste, a hoody, cardigan, jazz pants or tracksuits can provide you with the warmth you need.


Hair standards

One of the first things you’ll notice when you go to any dance class is that everyone ties their hair back. If you’ve started ballet, you’ll need to wear your hair in a neat ballet bun, held in place with a bun net, hair grips. Other types of dance lessons may be a bit more relaxed, giving you the choice of buns, ponytails or even bunches.


Make-up and jewellery

Whether you’re in a dance class or taking an exam, your make-up should be minimal, and you may find that many dance schools don’t allow it at all. Despite this, when putting on performances, you can expect to wear bright and bold make-up, although your choreographer and dance teacher will usually expect your make-up to look a certain way.


White dance wear for ballet


Here at Dancing Daisy, we have a wide range of adult’s and child’s dance wear for you to choose from. No matter which style of dance you’re learning, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here. If you have any questions about the dance wear we offer, don’t hesitate to call us today on +44 (0)1202 897 937.

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