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Dance Schools Logo Uniform

Dance Schools Logo Uniform
Dance School Logo Uniform by Print Services at Dancing Daisy Ltd

Take the strain out of ordering your dance school logo'd uniform and get back to doing what you love best - Teaching!
We provide a wide range of great quality dance uniform direct to your students, printed with your school logos and personalised with students names if required. From hoodies to t-shirts, onesies, leotards, shorts, crop tops and so much more - everything for your dance uniform.

No more chasing orders, no collecting payments, no administration, no holding stock, no cash handling, no distributing orders.
We set up your dance school page on our website, you send your students to buy direct from your page, we send their orders direct to them.
And you get 10% commission for doing nothing! Simple. It couldn't be any easier.

If you prefer to buy as a dance school for your students, we can do that too!
For more information or to sign up please email our Print Services Team at



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